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Welcome to ePAQ®

EPAQ Systems Ltd has been formed out of a partnership of medical and IT professionals, with over 50 years experience of working within the NHS and UK healthcare industry. Together they have created an "electronic Personal Assessment Questionnaire" system.

What is ePAQ®?

ePAQ® provides an interactive approach to the assessment of pelvic floor symptoms in women.  It offers a reliable and intelligent software analysis from a set of user-friendly questions.  The use of a personal computer ensures individuals are free to answer questions without embarrassment - the results from the questionnaire session does not show answers to questions, merely scores based on the information provided.

How does ePAQ® work?

ePAQ® is a patient focused questionnaire, which can be used on

-         any personal computer via a mouse or keyboard
-         a touch sensitive screen attached to a computer
-         via a tablet personal computer using a stylus.
No computer expertise is needed by the patients or clinicians.


Benefits of ePAQ®

Each question can be considered by the individual in their own time.
( relieves the pressures sometimes felt in face to face consultations )
Each page includes a question about how often a symptom occurs
and a question about its effect on an individual’s quality of life.
( consideration can address personal as well as clinical priorities )
Context checking allows items to be skipped automatically.
( minimises the time to complete a questionnaire )
Specific help pages are available for every item.
( enables patient to answer the questions in privacy )
On completion, the report produced provides symptom
scores, in specific groups, that relate to pelvic floor function.
( ensures a reliable and comprehensive basis for consideration )
ePAQ®  is designed .. to help clinicians, doctors, nurses, physiotherapists 

to improve diagnosis and outcomes .. to bring quality of life to patient care.